New Blade 130X by Horizon Hobby

Published: April 12, 2012
Blade Helis have announced an exciting new electric RC helicopter today - the Blade 130X. The heli fits between the mCPX and 300X in size creating an entirely new category in the RC heli market. The 130X will be available in a BNF completion level.


Horizon Hobby's Blade team announced today the release of a new helicopter: the Blade 130x. The new electric heli fits into a size niche between the Blade mCPx and the Blade 300x. In fact, with it's 135mm main blades (325mm overall main rotor diameter) the new helicopter will create an entirely new niche in the RC heli market, just as the mCPx did 14 months ago.

The new heli will continue the Blade flybarless trend by using the AS3X system (Artificial Stabilization 3-axis) as well as Spektrum's new linear long-throw servos which will weigh in at 2.9-grams.

Power will be supplied from a 2s 300mAh battery to a single brushless motor. Tail power will travel through a torque tube to the variable pitch tail blades.

Horizon have not yet published a release date for the new micro heli.

Blade 130x Video