New KBDD Nano CPx Blades and New KBDD Carbons of All Sizes!

Published: October 13, 2012
KBDD Announces new Nano CPx (nCPx) Aftermarket Blades as well as a complete set of Carbon Fiber blades for RC helicopters from 450-size up through 700-size at iHobby 2012 in Cleveland.


At iHobby 2012 in Cleveland today KBDD International had a few items of big news to release to the RC helicopter market. First, it is confirmed by the owner, Dick himself, that KBDD is developing a set of aftermarket blades for Blade's new Nano CPx that hit hobby store shelves a little more than a couple of weeks ago. In addition to the tiny new blades the company is also marketing a crazy-flexible set of landing skids for that helicopter. The ones that they make for the mSRx not only fit on the airframe of the Nano but they also hold the battery extremely well.

Also in a brand new twist KBDD announced today that they are entering the carbon fiber blade market. Sitting in their display booth there in the Cleveland IX center were several sets of shiny, pretty new carbon fiber blades which will eventually fill every heli size from the 450 (325mm blades) on up through the 700-size helicopters. The new KBDD carbons are black and green and look awesome.

Then finally, rounding out the KBDD new blade news, they have also reworked their massivly popular mCP X blades that were brought to market initially. The new mCP X blades have much less of a taper with respect to blade width and look to be around 8-12mm longer than the previous version. The reason for the change ... quiter flight with better flight performance.

Keep up the great work, KBDD. We look forward to trying out the new stuff!