NV Engines (Norvel)

Country: Russia
Website: NV Engines (Norvel) Website

Company Overview

NV Engines (formally known as Norvel Engines) is a Russian manufacturer of two-stroke glow engines to the RC hobby market place.  The company's products all fall under their single NV Engines brand name.  

Prior to 2003 the company built a substantial following in the remote control airplane industry.  In that year, however, the Russian government recommissioned the subsidized company's facilities to manufacture parts for the military, leaving the RC hobby product unfunded and out of production.

In 2010 the Norvel engine division was purchased from the parent military manufacturing business and recommissioned for RC engine production as NV Engines.

Today the NV Engines product lines and distribution network continues to grow.  They company serves their customer base through their website (www.nvengines.com) as well as through their network of retailers and distributors.