NV Engines

Manufacturer: NV Engines (Norvel)

Brand Overview

The NV Engine brand is owned and managed by NV Engine company of Russia. The brand is made up of two stroke glow RC airplane engines ranging from .049-size to .4-size and two two-stroke glow RC helicopter engines (the Vmax6 and Vmax7) ranging in size from 0.061 cubic inches (.99cc) to 0.074 cubic inches (1.2cc)

Airplane engines in the lineup include the well known Big Mig variants and some include innovative features like the Helihead, which essentially enlarges the surface area on the engine's head to increase cooling and allow the engine to be run in hotter ambient temperatures.

Another innovative feature of the NV Engine brand is the Revlite technology, with which:

  • cylinders are made from lightweight aluminum and ceramic coated with high silicon content pistons.
  • NV ceramic coated cylinders hold oil in the small pores in the surface and achieve compression by means of a hydraulic seal.

This technology allows NV engines to run with less friction which, combined with their Sliktek™ coating, allows NV Engines to rev high with low heat, burn less fuel, and last a long time.

Helicopter engines include two products entries, the Vmax6 and the Vmax7. Both engines include tall cylinder heads to ensure proper cooling and Schnuerle porting for better combustion.

NV Engine branded engines can be purchased through the NV Engine company's line of retail distributors which consists of either local or online hobby shops. They can also be purchased from the company's website.