Ohio Model Products

Country: USA
Website: Ohio Model Products Website

Company Overview

Ohio Model Products (OMP) is a US-based manufacturer of RC aircraft headquartered in Xenia, Ohio.  The OMP corporate designs and manufactures their own aircraft under the OMP/EG Aircraft brand name.  Additionally they offer the Team OMP Accessories, APC Propellers, and Tetherite Landing Gear brands.

Under the OMP/EG Aircraft brand, the company has earned their niche in the RC hobby world specifically as a profile aircraft manufacturer with their unique and well regarded line of "flat" or "flatout" kits.  These kits all feature wood construction and are designed from the side and top/bottom profiles of real aircraft.  They are developed for the most extreme 3D maneuvers, but can be docile enough to be used as trainers in some instances.

In addition to their profile line of aircraft, OMP also produces a line of giant scale aerobatic performers and one kit that is considered to be a hybrid of the flatout line and the giant scale: the "Hybrid Edge".  The Hybrid Edge has the thin characteristics of the profile line but is large enough and wide enough to benefit from some of the features of the giant scale flyers that the company produces.

OMP maintains customer support channels through email, phone, and via several popular online forums:

Ohio Model Products sells their products directly to the retail consumer through their website and their network of distributors.