OMP/EG Aircraft

Manufacturer: Ohio Model Products

Brand Overview

The OMP/EG Aircraft line of RC model planes is designed and produced by Ohio Model Products (OMP) of Xenia, Ohio, USA.  The brand consists of two types of model airplanes which include giant scale aircraft and flatout or profile model aircraft.

OMP's lineup of profile RC aircraft are generally designed to be powered by glow powered engines and consist of all wood construction.  As is typical with profile aircraft, the airplanes are designed from the side and top/bottom views of actual aircraft.  The kits are designed to excel in 3D flight but can, in some cases, be tamed down for training duty.

The assortment of large scale aircraft that makes up the OMP/EG Aircraft brand consists of scale models of actual stunt / 3D aircraft that can be found in the full-scale market.  The kits include: the Yak SP-55M, the Extra 300, the Slick 540, the Sbach 342, and more.  All of the OMP/EG Aircraft giant scale kits have wingspans of 88" or greater and are designed to be powered by a 50cc or greater size internal combustion engines.

Rounding out the brand's array is a hybrid aircraft that spans the gap between the giant scale and flatout lineups, the "Hybrid Edge".  This kit features the profile type structure with airframe components that have been widened to accommodate the larger motors found in the giant scale aircraft.

Ohio Model Products Kits can be found for sale on the company's website ( or through their network of distributors.