OS Engines

Manufacturer: Hobbico, Inc

Brand Overview

The O.S. Engine brand is owned and managed by Hobbico, Inc of Illinois, USA. The brand is one of the most widely recognized brands in the RC hobby and contains one of the oldest and most established Internal Combustion product lines in the RC market place today. Dating back to 1936 with its 1.6 cc O.S. Type-1 miniature gasoline engine, the line has evolved over the decades through the fires of international competition.

Over the years the O.S. Engine brand has pioneered 2-stroke engine design and 4-stroke engine technology. They are designed for nearly every application that the RC hobbyist can dream up including Control Line applications, RC airplanes, RC car and buggy, RC helicopters, and RC marine applications.

O.S. Engines RC airplane engine selections include 2-stroke, 4-stroke nitro/glow, as well as gas engines. The RC airplane variants come in single cylinder and multi-cylinder configurations include horizontally opposed (flat), radial, inline, and even a type II Wankle (rotary) configuration!

RC car and buggy applications all use a single-cylinder two-stroke nitro/glow configuration. Many of the RC car and buggy engines use machined holes in the cooling head for increased cooling. Some use ceramic bearings to prevent ware and friction.

O.S. Engines fills their RC heli line to the top with offerings in from the 30-size (0.3 ci) to the largest 90-size (0.9 ci) with the bulk of their engines falling in the popular 50 and 90 sizes. All O.S. Engines for the RC heli market are nitro engines and, being heli engines, are configured with the extra large head for cooling.

O.S. completes their product lineup with three RC boat engines which are all 2-stroke glow fuel powered. Their marine application RC engines are competition proven and feature the same engineering and support that make the other applications so popular.

O.S. Engine branded products can be found at countless local and online retail outlets world-wide.