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Overview is a blog-style website that features an ever growing list of plans for scratch-building RC aircraft -- primarily foam/profile flyers that are based on jet-style full-scale designs. The plan list has evolved over the span of ParkJets' long, successful run (since 2005) toward their goal of helping RC hobbyists find great airplane plans for free.

Today the plans, in addition to the profile fliers include truer scale designs of small electric jets; traditional-style, prop-driven birds from names like Fokker and Pitts; and some fantastically unusual designs like a Hydro Plane, scale Star Trek ships like the Enterprise D and a Voyager and a Landspeeder from Star Wars.

In addition to a great selection of airplane building plans the other main thing to know about them is that they are all free.

Basically, we created Parkjets because it was difficult to find all the great designs out there in an easy to navigate website. .... The number one thing you need to know is that Parkjets is 100% free.

Stop by and browse their vast array of valuable information if you have ever had the inclination to head to the workshop and start creating a new bird from scratch. You'll no doubt find everything you need to get started.

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