Manufacturer: Horizon Hobby

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Brand Overview

ParkZone is a brand of small electric RC airplanes.  The brand is owned and managed by Horizon Hobby of Champaign, Illinois, USA.

The ParkZone brand consists primarily of small electric RC airplanes that typically fall into the ultra micro category or park flyer category.  Ultra micro aircraft are currently among the industry's smallest airplanes and are generally designed to be flown in indoors or outdoors in a back-yard in very light wind conditions.  These ParkZone aircraft consist of several classic war bird designs that include the Mosquito Mk VI, the F4U Corsair, the P-51D Mustang and the T-28 Trojan.  Other notable ultra micro ParkZone kits are the Sukhoi, which is a capable aerobatic flyer, the Night Vapor which is strictly an indoor aircraft, the Ember 2 indoor/outdoor slow flyer, and the classic Piper J3 Cub.

The ParkZone product line gets larger as it makes its way into the park flyer category.  These aircraft are mostly made of molded foam construction and have wingspans between 3 and 4 feet, with a few exceptions in the Slo V trainer and Radian saleplane kits.  All park flyer models are either Ready-to-Fly, Plug-and-Play, or Bind-and-Fly configured and come out of the box mostly assembled with the electronics installed.  ParkZone park flyer class kits range in performance from trainers, to the classic and smooth flying war birds, to the hyper-fast ParkZone Habu EDF Jet.

Because of the popularity of ParkZone products throughout the world and their typically long product life cycles, ParkZone product owners generally benefit from a ready supply of first hand and second hand kits and replacement parts.

ParkZone products can be purchased directly from the Horizon Hobby website or through the company's vast array of online and local hobby shops located across the US and around the world.