Phase 3

Manufacturer: Phase 3 Models

Brand Overview

Phase 3 is a brand of electric radio control airplanes that are designed and distributed to the RC hobby market. The brand is owned and managed by Phase 3 Models of Hong Kong.

Phase 3 branded RC model products all have molded foam airframes, typically come in either RTF (ready-to-fly) or ARF (almost-ready-to-fly) configurations, and are all either electric propeller driven aircraft or electric ducted fan driven aircraft.

The brand's product lineup if diverse as it relates to the skill level of the buyer/pilot. On the entry-level of the spectrum there is the Rookie kit which is a tiny (10" wingspan) model that is flown with a 2 channel transmitter that turns on the motor (one constant RPM) and controls right and left movement. 

On the more complex end of the flight spectrum are the brands two Squall kit offerings. The Squall is a blistering fast EDF jet aircraft that can be configured with either a 3S or 4S lipo power system. With a wingspan of under 26 inches, a length of under 35 inches and a weight of less than 28 oz., and a power to weight ratio exceeding 1:1, the Squall is fast. The planes performance envelope can be expanded even further with the addition of a 3-axis vectored thrust nozzle that is also available through Phase 3.

Filling in the mid-range of performance, the Phase 3 brand has a few small propeller driven classics like the Mini Spitfire, the P-38 Lightening, the P-40 Warhawk, and the Piper Cub.  Also in the higher-side of the middle is another EDF flyer, the F-16.

Phase 3 Models' products are distributed in the USA by Global Hobby Distributors of California and in the UK and Europe by Ripmax Ltd. of Enfield and are available for purchase at retail outlets (online and local) that carry these companies' products.