Precision Aerobatics Co

Country: Australia
Website: Precision Aerobatics Co Website

Company Overview

Remote control aircraft manufacturer Precision Aerobatics is an Australian company. Their RC airplanes and accessories are sold in over 25 countries worldwide (from their company website). They have retail outlets in both Australia and the United States and supply hobby shops worldwide and sell directly to the public.

Their RC aircraft brands include:

  • PA Addiction (electric RC planes)
  • PA Electric Shock (electric RC plane)
  • PA Extra 260 (electric RC plane)
  • PA Katana MD (electric RC plane)
  • PA Ultimate AMR (electric RC plane)
  • PA Extra MX (electric RC plane)
  • PA BadBoy ARF (nitro RC plane)

In addition to manufacturing and distributing these RC aircraft they also bring to the remote control market Thrust Motors, Vox Propellers, and Voltex Servos.

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