Protos 700 Debut at Nuremberg 2012

Published: February 5, 2012
Protos 700 made its public debut this year at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012. The Protos 700 heli spent most of the 6-days of the fair covered in a translucent blue box and was finally revealed to toward the end of the show.


Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012 has been become the coming out event for the new Protos 700 by MS Heli of Italy. The team have been showcasing a full prototype or production model of their new heli behind a blue-tinted translucent box all week finally reveiling the new machine to the public at the end of the show.

With the new Protos 700, MSH appear to have maintained the line of engineering, design, and production that has gained them the popularity and respect that their Protos brand has become known for in the heli industry by sticking to the same overarching design that has made the 700's smaller siblings, the Mini-Protos and the Protos 500 such great flyers (and such works of art).

From an overall design standpoint the canopy looks to be just a scaled up version of the smaller versions -- a good thing, considering it is one of the best looking and coolest designs in the industry. Based on the consistency seen in the overall design, one can assume that the new color scheme will follow the Mini-yellow and the 500-orange with a 700-blue complementing their classic white and black duo.

The rest of the way around the bird appears to be a near-exact up-scale of the smaller variants although with premium alumimum components where composite plastic would have been used on the smaller models. Highlights of the airframe are as follows:

  • Plastic blade grips (our complements on the choice here)
  • Classic Protos single belt, no gear-mesh design (again, bravo!)
  • Aluminum tail gear box (replaces plastic on the smaller siblings)
  • Aluminum main gear (replaces plastic on the smaller siblings)
  • Mini-protos style gorilla gear single-piece landing skids (excellent choice)
  • Classic protos canopy with what looks to be blue accent color (black, white, and blue trio)
  • Bottom-mount battery tray to accommodate 12s Lipo packs
  • Carbon fiber main frame set with all aluminum connecting components
    • - Aluminum tail block
    • - Aluminum bearing blocks (three)
    • - Aluminum anti-rotation guide
  • Most Likely a flybarless-only kit offering

Overall, it appears that MSH have hit their market target dead square with the new design in a "dance with the one(s) who brung ya" tribute to those of us who have come to know and love MSH for the uniqueness of their design in the RC heli marketplace.

Nice job, MSH, and from those of use who are crazy about the classic Protos design ... thank you!