Protos 700 Release Date Update

Published: January 3, 2013
MSH owner, Corrado, announced the latest update for the release date of the new Protos 700 helicopter on a Helifreak thread this week.


In a new thread on Helifreak the Protos 700 release date question has popped up, once again. Rumblings of the much anticipated new electric, 700-sized helicopter design from MS Heli of Italy have been appearing on and off in the RC heli community now since early last year. The latest info that was given regarding the release date indicated that it was going to be late December 2012 or early in 2013.

We're happy to say that, though the newest update targets the latter side of the date range, it still appears to be on-schedule.

In the Helifreak thread, MS Heli owner Corrado, chimes in early confirming that it will still be released early in 2013 -- kind-of -- with a new date of Q2 of 2013. Updates are not frequent enough for those of us who are excited for the release, but we'll take it.

The new Protos 700 will no doubt be a hit and well worth the wait.