Protos 700 Slow 3D Flight Video

Published: April 23, 2012
Over the weekend MS Heli produced a second flight video of the new Protos 700 fitted with the company's new Brain Flybarless system. The Protos 700 and Brain showcase their current development progress with over 3.5 minutes of slow smooth 3D.


MS Heli have been busy flight testing their new Protos 700 platform as well as their new "Brain" flybarless system. The team released a second video this weekend, this one showing the pilot,Dario Neuenschwander, flying slow 3D maneuvers.

This type of flight highlightes the stability of the flybarless system, in particular, as the slow, smooth motions would make imperfections in control a lot more obvious than they would be under ultra-fast smack-down 3d type flying. The flight video also gives a couple of additional glimpses of the Protos 700 airframe layout.

Protos 700 / Brain FBL with Low Headspeed