Country: Veitnam
Website: RakonHeli Website

Company Overview

RakonHeli is a Veitnam based manufacturer of RC Helicopter Upgrades.  The company's offices are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Veitnam.

Their lineup consists primarily of CNC aluminum upgrades for some of Align Corporation's line of Trex helicopters including the Trex 550E, the Trex 600, and the Trex 600ESP.

In addition to Align, the company also makes CNC helicopter upgrades for E-flite's Blade 120SR, Blade mSR, and Blade mCP X.

The company's products generally consist of CNC aluminum head components such as blade grips, rotor hubs and frame components for the smaller helicopters.  for the larger Align helicopters the company offers alternative carbon fiber frame components.

The company serves their world-wide client base through their website as well as a distributor network.