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(About Us content is computer translated to English)

On RC-cars there is daily new video approximately how-to's and interesting articles around the broad topic Rc-Cars. My emphasis lies here particularly on How-To videos, or guidance videos. Mixed with a selection of good Bashing and Drifting videos, as well as everything which in this range worth seeing and outstanding is.

The whole is to provide an overview according to manufacturer and/or according to Rc Car name. I think that become a good thing, particularly since it navigation and that find you from guidances and videos interest you relieved. (Directly times bookmarken!) And I the videos, which good I find, always ready have.

I am not evenly only interested für´s Bashen or drifting, I find simply everything in the RC range ingenious! in addition, RC-Autos.com is meant for giving you the possibility of achieving a broader mass to your own videos, which you adjust e.g. with Youtube, more Klicks (of me from also left to your sides!) getting and concomitantly more feedbacks, motivation, fame, fame, thick cars naturally and a Swiss Bankonto with private island (taxfree!) in addition, and above all: Contact which again to more exchange leads! One point in the RC the range is very important, because develop for only so more possibilities and also ideas for all!

I hope which I that become fair, and above all, which evaluates it there outside the videos on Rc-Autos.com and comments leave there. I make the side and the sayings! For the exchange must you you move!

We let the wheels roll! 

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