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Country: USA
URL: www.rcheliresource.com/
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RC Heli Resource is a great find for anyone looking to stay current with the happenings of the RC helicopter marketplace. The blog formatted news site is a massive collection of small news articles that cover everything in the RC heli industry including:

  • Industry events
  • Product reviews
  • Market relevant videos
  • Pilots
  • Photos and photo galleries

The website is managed and directed by Derrick Threatt, a dual citizen of the USA and Brazil who has been in the world of RC since around the year 2000. In addition to these interesting facts about Derrick, he was also a US Air Force navigator/defense on B52s and B1B in his careers past.

In the RC helicopter community of today, RC Heli Resource has taken a lead role in bringing valuable and relevant information to the heli enthusiast.

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