RC Logger

Manufacturer: CEI Conrad Electronic

Brand Overview

RC Logger is an RC brand that is owned and managed by CEI Conrad Electronic company of Hong Kong. The brand is full, as the name implies, of logging and telemetry equipment/products for the RC hobby marketplace.

Based on the brand's name one would expect to see an offering of video and telemetry, which they do nicely with a great range of products to keep the hobbyist busy for quite a while. Additionally, though, the brand includes innovative products such as digital pitch gauges (used on any collective pitch RC helicopter to set the pitch range of the main blades), GPS flight modules, wireless transmission devices, and even their own line of Quadcopter / Multi-rotor ready-to-flys.

RC Logger products are sold through the company's dealer network which eventually gets them out to online and local hobby shops around the world. The products can also be purchased directly fron the company's website, www.rclogger.com.