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RC Rodeo (rcrodeo.com) is a RC hobby blog about remote control flight.  The blog posts are written almost entirely by a woman from Rocky Mt, North Carolina named Deb. 

Deb got interested in the RC hobby after her brother began flying remote control airplanes. His interest lead to her interest which was officially sparked when she won a $600 airplane in a raffle at the first fly-in event that she attended with him. Being only an airframe, Deb was surprised to learn that she would have to outfit it with a power system and radio equipment ... another $1000 to spend. 

As it turns out, Deb decided to begin blogging about her experience in the RC industry -- right from the beginning. 

Since the beginning she has assembled a nice collection of blog posts that have traced her learning curve through the hobby since the summer of 2009. The blog now covers topics such as beginning the RC hobby, flying RC planes, RC trainer planes, RC events, how to build RC planes, and much more. In addition to topics that are relevant to anyone wanting to become aquainted with the RC marketplace, the blog also has a nice listing of RC website resources. 

Deb writes from a personal point of view and makes herself easy to "get to know" as she explores the world of RC flight.

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