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The RC Today Show is a Podcast and Blog on the topic of anything RC. The show's official beginning is summer of 2011; however, prior to that date the podcast hosts produced the InsideHeli Podcast, a production of All Things That Fly.

Blog's About Us Page Excerpt:

The RC Today Show is hosted by Bobby Barr and Chris Boultinghouse, with occasional appearances by James Kovach. All three are dedicated RC fanatics, and fly a variety of things. All three also hosted the All Things That Fly and Inside Heli podcast.

When producing the InsideHeli podcast, the trio covered only remote control helicopter industry subjects; however, the new production is not limited to helicopters only. The RC Today show covers news and topics related to all of the RC industry including cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, and anything else that can be flown with a remote control.

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