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RCScrewZ is pleased to provide the RC Industry with the most complete Stainless Steel Screw kits in the world! Established in 2000 – we are currently being sold in over 25 countries and over 1800+ hobby stores across the world. We guarantee to provide a complete and reliable screw set for over 3000+ RC cars, trucks, planes or helicopters from the early 80’s to todays new products. We also back our product with a 100% customer satisfaction – which no else in the industry even comes close.

With over 1800+ hobby stores carrying our product – you can buy direct from us or direct from one of our distributors (see below). Since not one distributor carries every single screw kit we make – we offer you the same pricing to buy direct from us – we also have recently launched our new dealer program which allows you the dealer to order directly off our online store at www.rcscrewz.com at dealer pricing. Either way we are here to serve you and your convenience - either direct or through our distributors.

Current Distributor List (as of March 24, 2010)

  • Horizon Hobby (USA) ph: (217) 352-1913
  • Competition Products (USA) ph: (301) 498-0850
  • ERI (USA) ph: (845) 268-5090
  • Can West RC (Canada) ph: (604) 755-4312
  • ET Hobby Dist (Puerto Rico) ph: (787) 486-1415
  • Modelers Dist (USA) ph: (450) 687-6214


RCScrewZ Stainless Screw Kits are 100% complete. Your new kit will include everything needed to do a full conversion and more. Stainless Steel Screw Kits are far superior to the screws that come stock with your RC. Our kits are made with the best stainless steel money can buy. No more bent, rusted, or corroded screws. Never worry anout stripped heads again. You will not find a better screw kit for your RC at any price and we Guarantee it. If for any reason your not 100% satisfied with your kit, return it and we will send you a full refund for the price of the kit.

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