RTL Fasteners

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Country: USA
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Store Description

RTL Fasteners does not carry hobby kits, rather they have dedicated themselves to manufacturing and distributing the hard-to-find hardware pieces for the kits like small screws and nuts of all types.  Prices are good and minimum order quantities are very reasonable.

The company is located in Virginia, USA

Excerpt from Company Website

Our company was conceived, and is still dedicated, to providing an alternative way for model builders to purchase hardware. We offer hobbyists below wholesale pricing on all the popular model building fasteners.

Typically, a manufacturer sells to a major distributor, who sells to a smaller distributor, who sells to a hobby distributor, who sells to a retail store, who sells to you! Wow! Each “handler” has to add repackaging costs and a fair profit. No wonder 4 screws cost a dollar or more!

Very simply, RTL has eliminated the various distributors, giving you a more direct link to the manufacturer. The result is drastically reduced prices for you, the hobbyist. Passing along this huge cost savings, coupled with a hands-on knowledge of model building is what RTL Fasteners is all about.

It has been a number of years now since we launched our online store. The results?....We are shipping our hardware around the country and around the world to thousands of hobbyists who do not want to pay a dollar for 4 screws anymore!

We want to thank all of our new and returning customers for their support, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

The founders and employees of RTL Fasteners

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