Manufacturer: SAB Company

Brand Overview

The SAB Brand of products for the RC market is owned and managed by the SAB Company of Italy.  The brand consists of various popular sizes of helicopter main and tail rotor blades, fiber glass helicopter fuselages, helicopter canopies, and an assortment of composite fins for RC helicopters.

SAB main rotor blades are known in the industry for being on par with the best competitors in the market.  They come in a variety of colors, mostly consisting of white and black paint schemes and some with red used as an accent color.  The SAB main blade lineup fits helicopters requiring blades of 255mm all the way up to 720mm.  Popular helicopter sizes include: 200 (255mm), 450, 500, 550, 600 (50-size), and 700 (90-size).

SAB fuselage and canopy choices are made to fit primarily the 60/90-size helicopters but a few fit the smaller 46/50 size helicopters.  The products come in a large assortment of designs, all of which are plain, unpainted finish.  Fuselage choices are full-body designs like those used in F3C competitions while the canopies are designed for the pod-and-boom style RC helis.

SAB products can be purchased through the company's designated retail network throughout the world.