SAB Company

Country: Italy
Website: SAB Company Website

Company Overview

The SAB company of Italy are designers and manufacturers of carbon fiber and glass fiber products for the RC hobby industry.  The company's products all fall under their single SAB brand and consist primarily of RC helicopter rotor blades, RC helicopter fins, and RC helicopter fuselages and canopies.

Founded in 1994, the company consists of a small team of engineers and production experts that specialize in the design and manufacture of composite carbon and glass fiber materials.  Their products have found their way into many ares of the RC heli world.

SAB fuselages and canopies are made of fiberglass and are popular in the F3C competition circles for their excellent quality.  SAB main rotor blades and SAB tail rotor blades are known for being well crafted and on par with the highest quality competitors in the heli blade market.  The company rounds out their product offering with an array of carbon fiber fin sets for the RC heli market.

In recent news it has been announced that SAB, in the near future, will bolster their position in the RC heli market with two full helicopter kits from their SAB Heli Division called the SAB Goblin 600 (a 600-size electric) and SAB Goblin 700 (a 700-size electric).

SAB products are available through their network of world-wide distributors around the world.