Seagull EP

Brand Overview

Seagull EP is a brand of remote control airplanes that that are designed and marketed to the RC hobby industry. The brand is owned and managed by Seagull Models Company Ltd. of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

The Seagull EP brand consists of Almost-Ready-to-Fly RC airplane models which are all electrically powered. Seagull EP models are all constructed of balsa and plywood materials and then covered with a polyester film.

The Seagull EP brand contains products that branch into the Trainer, Sport Scale, Aerobatic, and Scale categories. The largest contingent of the company's RC electric airplane models is within the Sport Scale category and includes models of the Extra 300, Edge 540, ET6 Texan, and others.

The next largest category of Seagull EP aircraft is the Scale category which contains realistic looking designs of the Decathlon and Space Walker II. The brand's aerobatic and training categories each have a few electrically powered Seagull EP models which include the X-ray, the E-pioneer, and the Innovator.

Seagull EP products are distributed through the Seagull Model Company's established network of distributors and then on to a huge network of online and local hobby shops around the world.