Brand Overview

The SebArt brand of RC products is a line of remote control airplane kits that is designed and produced by SebArt International S.r.l. of Italy.  The brands designs hail from the competition experience of Sebastiano Silvestri, an Italian aerobatic pilot and competitor in RC aerobatic flight championships around the world.

The SebArt brand contains a large assortment of products that spans such categories as EDF Jets, Trainers, 30-size electrics, 50-size electrics, 110 and greater sized electrics, F3A, and Giant scale RC planes.  The kits are typically completed to an ARF (almost ready to fly) level and are generally accompanied by a manufacturer's recommendation for power system as well as radio equipment.  Installation of the power system and radio equipment is ultimately up to the modeler.

The 50-size class is the brand's most populated category and offers designs such as the Macchi MC72 Idrocorsa 50 Class Scale float plane, the Pilatus PC21 50 Class scale, the Wind S 50E, the Katana S 50E V2, the Sukhoi 29S 50E V2, the PittS 12 Python 50E, and a couple of others.

Each of the airplane kits is expertly detailed, constructed of built-up balsa wood structures and comes covered and ready for final assembly.  Final assembly includes the addition of the power system, radio gear, final airframe component assembly and installation of accessories such as landing gear.

The company distributes their SebArt branded products through their network of online and local hobby shops located around the world.