SebArt International S.r.l.

Country: Italy
Website: SebArt International S.r.l. Website

Company Overview

SebArt International S.r.l. is an Italian-based manufacturer of RC aircraft products for the RC hobby industry.  The company offers their product line within their single SebArt brand.

SebArt RC airplane designs are the product of Italian aerobatic pilot, Sebastiano Silvestri, a competitor in aerobatic flight championships around the world.

The SebArt International company has a full line of products that pans multiple categories which include EDF Jets, Trainers, 30-size electrics, 50-size electrics, 110 and higher class electrics, F3A, Giant scale planes, Krill, and Jets.  All kits are generally completed to the ARF level and have a full list of recommended power system accessories as well as radio system component recommendations.

The company distributes their SebArt branded products through their network of online and local hobby shops located around the world.