Serpent Model Racing Cars

Country: Holland
Website: Serpent Model Racing Cars Website

Company Overview

Serpent Model Racing Cars is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of model racing cars for the RC hobby industry. The company's products are marketed through its Serpent brand, which has accumulated national, international, and world titles in the various categories in which they compete.

The company was officially founded in 1980 by Pieter Bervoets and companion Ron Ton and started in 1/8 scale gas powered on road racing. It was then sold in 2006 to Michael Salven and Ronald Baar, two 15-year employees of the company. Today Serpent Model Racing has developed into other segments of the RC market, namely, products which support the company's line of race cars -- tools, hop-up parts, gears, lubrication/oils, and more.

Serpent Model Racing's design and marketing office is based in Holland, close to the famous Heemstede racing (and test) track. The expert-factory and central warehouse are based in China. Serpent operates central warehouses in Germany, Hongkong and USA to take care of the respective regions.

Serpent branded products can be purchased through the company's vast world-wide distributor network which includes local and online hobby shops.