SIG Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Country: USA
Website: SIG Manufacturing Co., Inc. Website

Company Overview

SIG Manufacturing of Montezuma, Iowa is a USA-based company that develops and manufactures products for the remote control hobby industry.  The company first began producing custom fabricated balsa wood airplane kits in 1951.  Today the company has 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space and produces over 2,000 products ranging from injected molded accessories and parts to complete Build It Yourself airplane models.

SIG Manufacturing markets their own products under their SIG brand which includes control line kits, free-flight kits, and airplane kits from trainers to sport models to scale models to sail planes. 

In addition to the products that SIG produces in their own plant, they also possess exclusive distribution rights in North America for Aviastar (two-stroke glow engines) and First Place Engines (gas fueled aircraft engines).  SIG Manufacturing, in recent years, was able to acquire ownership and related rights to the Herr Engineering laser cut model aircraft line of products as well as the Kavan line of RC products.

SIG Manufacturing distributes their products directly from the company's website ( and through their vast network of online and walk-in retailers around the world.

SIG Manufacturing Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 520
401-7 South Front Street
Montezuma, IA 50171-0520