Skookum Robotics

Country: Canada
Website: Skookum Robotics Website

Company Overview

Skookum Robotics of Vancouver, BC, Canada is a major player in the market of onboard computer control systems for the hobby grade remote control helicopter industry.  Their single brand, Skookum, consists of their SK 360 and SK720 gyro control systems that are used to eliminate the need for a mechanical flybar on an RC heli.  Commonly used on RC helicopters the flybar makes the helicopter stable and vastly easier to control than a helicopter without a flybar.  The drawback of the mechanical flybar on a RC heli is its weight and mechanical complexity that it adds to the main rotor head in addition to some unwanted flight characteristics.

Skookum Robotics have successfully eliminated the drawbacks of the mechanical flybars by replacing them entirely with a two axis (SK360) or a three axis (SK720) gyroscopic control system.  

Through their involvement in the RC helicopter industry Skookum Robotics have helped to bring technologies to market that continually improve and advance the hobby.