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Store Description

Excerpt from the Store's About Us page:

Founded in 2003, the concept behind SoaringUSA is simple. We are pilots, looking for the best deals on the coolest planes, just like you.

SoaringUSA is owned and operated by Bob Breaux (pronounced "bro"), and located in Southern California. He participates in the Southern California Slope Racers league events, and tests all our products on the gnarly local slopes of SoCal.  Bob loves flying electrics when the winds not blowing.  Towards this end, we are greatly expanding our product range so that we can play with more and more electrics!

Alex Breaux is Bob's son.  Just exiting his teen years, Alex is addicted to speed, and loves to DS test every plane he can his hands on.  In addition, Alex loves the acrobatic sillyness that can be enjoyed with the new foam 3D acro planes, and the speed of little Pylon racers and F5B planes also satisfy his cravings.

We are confident in our products, and know that we offer some of the best price, product, and service combinations in the industry. We look forward to flying with you!

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