Spektrum AR635 AS3X Sport Receiver

Published: January 3, 2013
Spektrum announces the new AR635 AS3X Receiver, a combination of a 6-channel DSMX receiver and an AS3X 3-axis gyro stabilization system for small RC airplanes.


The team at Spektrum announced today the AR635, an AS3X Sport Receiver that the hords of AS3X fans have been asking for since the new 3-axis stabilization technology hit the market last year on-board a couple ultra-micro Horizon Hobby products. The new receiver is a combination of a 6-channel air receiver and a 3-axis gyro system that is designed to electronically dampen out the instabilities in small RC airplanes, making them fly like larger, heaver ones.

In an effort to keep things simple, there are no special cables or computer interfaces necessary to program the receiver. All adjustments to the type and amount of stability the AS3X System provides are made using LED indicators on the receiver and your transmitter's control sticks.

The new AR635 weighs in at a half an ounce and measures 2.2 inches by .8 inches by .5 inches. It is a DSMX receiver which means that it is compatible with DSMX and DSM2 technologies. As of right now the scheduled release date is late January, 2013.