Straightening a Bent Blade Nano CPx Feathering Spindle

Published: July 9, 2013
Here is a great little video we found on Youtube describing how to straighten a bent feathering spindle on your Blade Nano CP X.


For those Blade Nano CPx owners who are finding themselves spending an excess amount of money on replacing bent feathering spindle shafts, here is a youtube video that will be of interest.

At $6 a piece, these little feathering spindles on the Blade Nano CPx can begin to add up if they are being bent often. The good news is that the Nano's feathering spindle is made of a soft enough metal that it can be easily bent back into a straight position. The issue is just how to get it straight without having to bang on it or grip it with pliers causing issues with it not rotating freely in the head block on future flights.

This solution, while not intended to bring the shaft back to a perfectly straight position should no doubt be a good enough one to give your bent spindles some extra lives.