TechOne Hobby

Country: China
Website: TechOne Hobby Website

Company Overview

TechOne Hobby is a China-based manufacturer of RC airplanes.  The company offers all of their airplane products through their single TechOne brand.  The product lineup consists primarily of smaller park flyer and 3D foam plane kits.

TechOne kits range from RC Jets, EPP 3D, Aerobatic 3D, Park Flyers, War Birds, and some beginner models in addition to an array of similar kits.  Most of the products are made of various types of foam and nearly all are either pure profile planes or very close to it.  Most kits are ARF kits which require the purchase of the recommended power system and control system components to complete.

In addition to TechOne Hobby's full line of foamies, the company also markets their own, TechOne, brand of ducted fans, brushless motors, speed controllers, batteries, servos, and propellers.

The TechOne line of RC airplanes and accessories is available for purchase through the company's distributor network of online and walk-in retail stores around the world.

Other Names for TechOne Hobby:

  • Nanchang Three Luck Co
  • Nanchang Three Luck Tech Co
  • Nanchang Three Luck Model Co