Tekno RC Co

Country: USA
Website: Tekno RC Co Website

Company Overview

Tekno RC is a San Diego, California RC manufacturer who specialize in developing and distributing remote control car and truck kits and parts. The company was founded in 2005 based on what was then 20 years of RC experience. Their mission is to "Design and produce parts that will make a performance difference".

For more on that subject here is an excerpt from their company website:

... we won't be offering aluminum replacement parts for every little part on your vehicle To improve the performance of a vehicle, you must first choose the right part to improve. You then have to choose the right material for that part. There are three factors that dictate how we produce our products: Function, Durability, and Weight. If you're looking for 'bling factor', our parts won’t offer much. But if you’re looking for performance improvement, we've got that.

Our parts go through lengthy prototyping and testing phases to ensure that we can deliver on our promise. If a part isn't holding up during our testing phase, we either won't sell it or we will redesign it until it performs the function it is supposed to.