The mCP X Goes Brushless!

Published: January 17, 2013
The Blade Team have gone where they previously said that they would not go .. announcing today a new Brushless mCP X.


Since it's inception a couple of years ago, aftermarket providers and hobbyists have been upgrading the venerable Blade mCP X from its stock, brushed, motors to brushless variants. Now, after saying over and over that they did not want to take the mCPx brushless, Horizon Hobby's Blade Heli team have done just that.

Today Blade Helis announced their newest product, the mCP X BL, which is a brushless version of the mCP X. The new brushless mCP X features a brushless in-runner for the main motor as well as a brushless in-runner motor to power the tail. Most of the traditional third-party upgrades for the mCP X have neglected to take the tail brushless; however, that is not the case with Blade's version.

In addition to the exciting new power system, the mCP X BL also gets upgraded flybarless control software via the AS3X system, a slightly new head design, and longer main blades.