The Wings Maker

Brand Overview

The Wings Maker is a brand of RC airplanes that are manufactured by The World Models Mfg. Co. Ltd. of Hong Kong and distributed in the US by AirBorne Models of Livermore, California.

The Wings Maker brand is made up of two main categories of airframe construction: models constructed of molded EPO foam and models constructed of the traditional balsa wood and plywood with plastic iron-on coverings. Some of the kits also make use of various fiberglass construction techniques for certain airframe components.

The Wings Maker branded kits come in a two main variations of power systems including gas powered and electric powered. The electric powered kits are more numerous but there is a nice contingent of gas offerings. The Wings Maker electric offerings are further subdivided into electric propeller driven aircraft and electric ducted fan (EDF) products. 

Kits are all delivered in an ARF (almost-ready-to-fly) completion level including completed major airframe components like fuselage, wings, tail, and requiring the modeler to take on final assembly as well as power system selection and radio gear installation.

Kits under The Wings Maker brand include the popular Sunrise EP, the J-11B EDF fighter, the X-35 EDF fighter, the 50cc Slick 540, the Spitfire, the Mitsubishi Zero Fighter, the Ultimate Biplane, the Piper J-3 Cub, the Clipped Wing Cub, the Cap 232, and many more.  In addition to the aircraft kits, the brand also contains a limited number of supporting accessories like ducted fans, brushless outrunner motors, servos, props, spinners, and more.

The Wings Maker branded products are distributed through The World Models Manufacturing company's network of dealers including AirBorne Models in the USA. They are available for retail purchase through AirBorne Models's online retail shop as well as other online and local hobby shops around the world.