The World Models Mfg Co Ltd

Country: Hong Kong
Website: The World Models Mfg Co Ltd Website

Company Overview

Producing RC products since 1993, The World Models Manufacturing Company, Ltd is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of remote control aircraft, boats, and accessories for the RC hobby industry.

Models feature balsa and plywood construction with hand-applied iron-on covering material.  Kits are supplied with all necessary hardware as well as fuel tanks, spinners, wheels, and engine mounts as standard equipment. Models are all completed to the ARF (almost-ready-to-fly) level which means that all major airframe components are done and are ready for final assembly.

The World Models Co offers their products mainly through one single brand, World Models.  The brand consists of substantial product offerings in the Sport-Scale, Warbird, Pattern, Trainer, Glider, Electric, and Funfly categories.

In addition to producing their own brands of RC products The World Models Manufacturing Company also welcomes OEM projects for other model companies throughout the industry.  Offering their model manufacturing equipment, manufacturing space, and personnel expertise, the company can be a logical option for RC manufacturers with fewer resources.

The World Models Company distributes their products through their established network of distributors. From there the products are passed on to online and local hobby shop retail outlets all over the world.