Thrust Motors

Manufacturer: Precision Aerobatics Co

Brand Overview

Thrust® motors are a brand of electric brushless outrunner motors designed for the remote control airplane market and engineered, manufactured, and distributed by Precision Aerobatics remote control airplane company of Australia.

From the company website: "[the] Thrust® motor is one of the coolest running high performance, high-torque and high efficiency brushless motors ever produced to date."

The design incorporates Precision Aerobatics' latest innovation, RotorKool® which keeps the stator core material, the low resistance windings, highly permeable stator plates, high quality NMB Japan triple bearings and powerful neodymium magnets at optimum operating temperatures regardless of duration or the number of consecutive flights made (assuming adequate airflow is available in the RC aircraft).

The company operates a brand website located at where they provide a good amount of details about the history and the uniqueness of their design in the remote control airplane motor marketplace.