Thunder Tiger

Manufacturer: Thunder Tiger Group

Brand Overview

Thunder Tiger is a brand of products for the RC hobby industry that is owned and managed by Thunder Tiger Group of Taiwan.  The brand contains a wide range of products that include RC airplanes, RC cars, RC helicopters, RC engines, RC electronics, and various other RC accessories.

Thunder Tiger branded RC airplanes come in a massive array of products that fill just about every popular niche in the RC aviation market place including park flyers, gliders, trainers, 3D, scale, and giant scale.  On the smaller end are their electric park flyers that are generally below the 36" wing span range.  The larger, giant scale birds are all performance aerobatic flyers that are models of the popular Yak 54 full scale plane, with the largest being a 37.5% version with 121" wing span.

Thunder Tiger helicopters are staples of the heli flying world and have been popular for years.  The Raptor kits are among the most popular and expansive of the brand's offerings with entries in the 30, 50, 60, and 90-size nitro niches as well as the 500 and 600 electric versions.  In addition to the Raptor the brand comes to market in the smaller 400/450 size electric helis with the mini Titan 325.  Rounding out the brands heli offering is the Innovator series which comes as a pod-and-boom or MD 500 scale configuration.

In addition to the brands air presence, Thunder Tiger thrives on the service with a huge electric and nitro car contingent.  Electric kit versions include entries in the short course truck, go kart, rock crawler, buggy, motorcycle, monster truck, stadium truck, and touring car categories.  Nitro surface vehicles include most of the same categories found in the brand's electric type cars with the addition of the rally car niche and a unique entry in the semi trailer truck market.

Finally, the exhaustive Thunder Tiger brand rounds out its stable of products with a significant offering of non-powered boats (yachts), a large number of power boats, and finally a large array of accessories to support all of the fun.

Thunder Tiger branded products can be purchased through the Thunder Tiger Group's large network of word wide retail dealers which include online and local hobby shops.