Titanium Blade mCPX Upgrade Main and Feathering Shafts

Published: September 13, 2011
Microheli announces titanium main shaft upgrade and feathering shaft upgrade for the Blade mCPX. Also announced is a heavier aluminum mCPX main shaft as well as a carbon fiber mCPX main shaft.


The team at Microheli continue to build their portfolio of Blade mCPX upgrade parts. Later this month they will be releasing three new types of main shafts to complement their existing alunimum variant. The new shaft offerings will consist of a thicker-walled aluminum version, a hollow carbon fiber model, and a hollow precision titanium variant.

In addition to the main shafts Microheli also intends to bring to market a titanium version of the Blade mCPX feathering shaft. The new spindle will be made of titanium tubing and -- unlike the stock mCPX spindle shaft -- have a blade grip screw threading into each end.

Dates of availability for each of the new products are slated for September 23rd, according to the company's website.