To the Smaller XXtreme - Logo 480

Published: November 11, 2013
Mikado offers more details on their new Logo 480 XXtreme electric heli. Here are the details of the new product offering.


The XXtreme versions of Mikado's Logo helicopter line-up are getting smaller. Mikado initially indulged large electric heli fans with their 800-size behemoth the Logo 800 XXtreme a couple of years ago. Now they're interested in the smaller end of the spectrum. Not quite the ultra-micro market, but smaller by Logo helicopter standards -- roughly the size of a stretched 500-sized electric -- the company just announced the Logo 480 XXtreme.

The all new design is based on the larger 700 and 800 XXtreme helicopters with 470-ish mm main blades (Edge 473's). Kits will be available in base-kit (including an airbrushed fiberglass canopy like the larger 700/800 helis plus Edge main and tail blades), the Scorpion Motor Combo version which will include the Scorpion HKII 4015-1070, and the Super Combo wich will come with the motor, Savox servos all around (Savox SH1250MG x3, SH1290MG x1), a YGE 90 ESC, and a Mini V-bar Blueline Express FBL unit.

All kits are currently designated with a December 2013 availability. Pricing in the US through, where all kits are sold, will be $650, $700, and $1,170 for the base, motor-combo, and super-combos respectively.