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Todd Long started Todd's Models in 1998 when he invested in a laser cutter so he could share his ideas and models with others and maybe make a few dollars. The early days were successful as he rolled out a series of successful designs. Starting with the Tiny, then the Gym-E, Wing-E , Tiny-X and culminating with the Attitude which established itself a one of the premeir 3D airplanes. Unfortunately, this phase came to an end with the introduction of the Chinese fabricated ARFs and Todd moved on to a retail hobby shop. A few of his designs are still kitted by Stevens Aeromodels. In January of 2007, Todd convinced one of his best customers (Vince Caluori) to become his partner.
Vince augments Todd's nohow with a wealth of business management experience and like Todd is a lifetime modeler.

Actually, Todd and Vince are just a couple of model airplane nuts. The rest of this is for those who want the gory details.

After graduation Todd studied Japanese in Japan, got an Airframe and Powerplant license and then returned to Japan and worked for Hirobo where he protyped and test flew helicopters. He returned to the States at the onset of the first gulf war and joined the Marine Corp where he served as a helicopter mechanic with HMM-262, the Flying Tigers. After serving, he tried college for a year but ended up working for his Dad's business. Todd started modeling when he was 10 years old and never stopped even when aboard the Belleauwood helicopter carrier. He flew a little u-control but mainly flew R/C.

After getting his Aeronautical Engineering degree Vince spent 38 years in the Aerospace industry, mainly at The Boeing Company. He worked on the Apollo program, managed space preliminary design was chief engineer on the space station and program manager for the Advanced Launch System. After leaving Boeing he became the COO of Wizards of the Coast and became CEO after selling the company to Hasbro. He is currently CEO of Cordance Corp, an internet infrastructure supplier and serves on several boards of directors. Vince started modeling with Stromberg solid kits when he was 8 years old. He introduced his Mom to control flying when she caught him flying a K&B .020 powered model in his bedroom. Vince has had a number of model designs and technical articles published. He was a dedicated pylon racer and did pretty good.

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