Trex 150 Concept Sketch

Published: April 12, 2013
Trex 150 sketch indicates that Align Corporation may be considering entering the micro 130-150 sized electric helicotper market.


Align Corporation, yesterday, offered a glimpse into what could quite possibly could be a fun new series of helicopters for them, as well as a first of competitors for the Blade 130x. The company unveiled a sketch of a helicopter bearing a Trex 150 designation yesterday which made its way around the various RC helicopter forums in a hurry.

The new heli, judging by the photo, appears to be comparable in size to Blade's 130x, be collective pitch, and have a tail powered by a separate brushless tail motor.

Of course this is all based on a single artist rendering of a concept by Align Corp, so the details could all be skewed considerably. The reality is, though, that the market would be a great one for Align given that they already have experience in developing helicopters not too far from this size (Trex 250); and don't forget that though their smaller Trex 100 wasn't the boom that they had quite hoped for it was nonetheless well liked by manu who owned/flew it.

A Trex 150 would be a great place for Align to get back into the micro helicopter game. The market has considerable following already; the size range is well suited for flyers who want to fly micro electrics in their yard (typically a city lot); the market segment is far from saturated, with the only major player being Blade, at the moment; and the Blade 130x has some design features that a fair amount of flyers in that segment are less than happy with -- namely the linear servos and the fragile torque-tube tail.

All told, we think that a Trex 150 would be a welcome entrant into the micro-sized 150-class. We look forward to seeing what the team at Align Corp decides to do.