Upgraded Nano CPX Swash, Blade Grips by Lynx Heli

Published: January 22, 2013
The team at Lynx Heli Innovations have released a new aluminum swash and blade grip set for the tiny Blade Nano CPX as upgrade parts.


Add Lynx Innovations to the list of companies who are now offering aluminum blade grips and aluminum swash plate options for Blade's Nano CPX. The company announced this week that they will be offering two new versions of each -- one in plain polished aluminum and one in anodized red color.

The blade grips will be sold with the blade mounting screws, ball links, radial bearings, and silicone o-rings. The new swash plat offerings will each include their complete set of mounting hardware including the red silicone o-rings. The swash plates will be offered in a standard and Pro Edition. The standard will be just the swash plate and mounting hardware while the Pro Edition will also include a carbon fiber modification for the anti-rotation guide per the following comments by Lynx:

Lynx PRO Edition Swash plate design is based over standard Nano CPX Lynx swash plate, were we modify the anti-rotation pin position, and the rear swash linkage ball become the new antirotation pin.

The new antirotation bracket is made by a carbon fiber plate that need simply and quickly glued in the plastic frame.

Pricing and part numbers will be:

  • $24.95 LX0358 - Nano CPX - Swash Plate, Silver
  • $24.95 LX0392 - Nano CPX - Swash Plate, Red Devil
  • $24.95 LX0393 - Nano CPX - Swash Plate Pro Edition, Silver
  • $24.95 LX0394 - Nano CPX - Swash Plate Pro Edition, Red Devil
  • $22.95 LX0414 - Nano CPX - Main Grip - Silver
  • $22.95 LX0415 - Nano CPX - Main Grip - Red Devil