What is AS3X?

Published: October 31, 2011
AS3X is Horizon Hobby's new flight controller based on the 3-axis gyro and intended to make small RC airplanes and RC helicopters easier to control. Here are a few videos that explain the technology in detail.


AS3X is a hot new topic if you're a fan of Horizon Hobby products. AS3X is the name of the new intelligent stabilization system that has been developed by Horizon Hobby engineers and is beginning to see application inside of many of HH's airborne products. The fun thing is that, even though AS3X technology is based on the 3-axis gyro systems that have been traditionally applied in the flybarless RC helicopter markets, this new system is also designed to see application in airplanes, as well.

For a helicopter, the 3-axis gyro system allows the pilot to have much greater control over a flight platform that is inherently very unstable. As it relates to an airplane, the system's job is much easier than those in a helicopter, but the end result is the same: an airplane that is less affected by wind and other undesirable air disturbances.

AS3X essentially opens a whole new world to RC aircraft designers because those designs that had previously been off limits because they were too narrow, stubby, or all around quirky to be aerodynamically stable are now open for modeling. Designs like HH's new Gee Bee and their new Hyper Taxi vertical takeoff and landing airplane simply would have been too difficult to control without the brains of a system like AS3X.

We've assembled a few resources for further reading/watching for those interested in learning more about the cool new AS3X system by Horizon Hobby. Check out the list below.

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Horizon Hobby Podcast

November 8th, 2011 ~ John and Gary spoke with Mike McConville about the development process, if it would be possible to retrofit other aircraft with AS3X systems, John's first experience with the Ultra Micro Gee Bee R2 and more. ... Can be downloaded from iTunes