Winter Flying with Timo Wendtland, Logo 600 and Logo 800

Published: January 29, 2013
Timo Wendtland, Mikado Team Heli Pilot, spends a few minutes flying a Logo 600 as well as a Logo 800 XXtreme.


This past week Timo Wendtland, a Team Pilot with Mikado, posted some flight videos for the rest of us to watch. The videos are both filmed in after a recent snow fall in his home country of Germany. The Logo 600 SE flight is filmed during the day and features the 600-sized electric flying with low head speed on 6S Lipo power. The Logo 800 XXtreme flight is filmed after dark and features an exciting flight of the 800-sized electric on a snowy, windy winter night under the lighes of a sporting complex.

Timo enjoys an ultra-smooth flying style of 3D aerobatics and both of the videos feature that.

Timo Flying Logo 600 SE

Timo Flying Logo 800 XXtreme