World Models

Brand Overview

World Models is a brand of remote control aircraft and RC boats that are designed, manufactured, and marketed to the RC hobby marketplace.  The brand is owned and managed by The World Models Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (a.k.a The World Models Mfg Co Ltd, TWM) of Hong Kong.

World Models RC airplane kits fall into several major categories of planes including: Sport-Scale, Warbird, Pattern, Trainer, Glider, Electric, and Fun-fly.  The brand offers significant numbers of kits in most of these categories but the most heavily populated categories are Electric, Sport-Scale, and Warbird.

Sport Scale category is fill with World Models products like models of the Piper J-3 Cub, Super Cub, Cap 232, Extra 300, Midget Mustang, Super Chipmunk, Nemesis, and others. The warbird line offers products like the AT-6 Texan, P-51 Mustang, Spitfire, Japan's WWII Zero Fighter, and others. The electric lineup consists of names like: Extra 300, F4U Corsair, Katana, Mustang, Ultimate, P-47 Thunderbolt, and more.

All of the World Models kits feature balsa wood and plywood construction with hand-applied iron-on covering material.  Kits are finished to an ARF completion level (almost-ready-to-fly) when delivered, leaving final assembly of major airframe components to the builder as well as the purchase and installation of a power system and radio gear.

In addition to the airplane kits, the World Models brand also features products for the RC boat market. The offering consists of a few entries, a couple of which are electrically powered and one of which is gas powered.  All are mono-hull designs and feature molded plastic construction.  World Models boat kits are all delivered in an almost-ready-to-run completion level meaning that final assembly, selection/installation of the power system and radio gear is up to the modeler.

The World Models Company distributes their World Models branded products through their established network of distributors. From there the products are passed on to online and local hobby shop retail outlets all over the world.