Xray Model Racing Cars

Country: Slovak Republic
Website: Xray Model Racing Cars Website

Company Overview

XRAY Model Racing Cars, a company based in the Slovak Republic, was established in the year 2000 by Dipl. Eng. Hudy Juraj after a long history in RC racing dating back to 1972.

From the company Facebook page:

Team XRAY is one of the world's most successful racing teams, with an extensive list of wins and achievements. Owning an XRAY product, you become a member of the worldwide network of national teams, receiving special and exclusive product support and service like the PRO drivers do. Racing an XRAY car, you can be on your way to becoming another valued member of XRAY's International Factory Team, maybe even winning a European or US Championship! Challenge your skills...enjoy the XRAY ride.

US Importer:

167 Turtle Creek Blvd. Suite C.
Dallas, 752 07 Texas