Manufacturer: Horizon Hobby

Brand Overview

Zenoah is a brand of miniature gas engines that are designed and manufactured mainly for the RC hobby industry.  The brand is owned and managed by Horizon Hobby of Champaign, Illinois, USA.

The Zenoah product line up consists of all gasoline engine models that typically use a gas/oil mix, with a couple of exceptions.  The engines are purpose built for RC airplane, RC boat, RC car/truck, and RC heli applications.

The RC airplane category is Zenoah's largest segment with engines ranging from the 20cc (1.2 cubic inches) up to the large twin cylinder 80cc (4.88 cubic inches) power plant.  Because of the brands reputation in the industry for high-quality, reliability, and product support, the Zenoah brand is a popular choice for large scale airplane modelers.

In addition to the giant scale airplane market, Zenoah has a 1.55 cubic inch gasoline engine offering for the boat/marine market as well as a couple of car/truck offerings and a pair of gasoline fueled RC helicopter engines.

Zenoah RC miniature engine products can be purchased directly through Horizon Hobby's website or through the company's vast array of online and local hobby shops across the US and around the world.